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With over 10 thousand boat sales over the last 40 years, we are the largest consignmnet brokerage in the Northwest for trailerable boats!  Whether you're buying or selling, put our marketing talent, professional sales staff, proven process and the power of the internet to work for you!

Get Ready

Your boat is ran, washed and cleaned as needed (additional detailing offered optionally if needed to realize full martket portential), inspected, safety checked, battery charged, fluids checked and added as needed.  All boats are pre-run and checked again prior to any potential buyers.  We keep your boat clean and wiped down so it is presentable to buyers at all times.  Also, we have a full service shop to complete any repairs needed to assist in realizing full market potential.


Your boat will be photographed, in full color, after cleaning and presented on our high traffic web sites which will expose it to over 15,000 potential buyers a week based on current hit counts.  We Email pictures and information to prospective buyers in and out of the area.  We have a 20,000 sq ft sales lot, fully staffed with a professional and knowledgeable sales and support team, highlighted with signs and banners to take advantage of the 45,000+ cars that drive by our lot each day. 

We Help You Determine the Best Price

We will determine and inform you of book values and assist you in establishing a market value using various marine marketing guides.  Our years in the business will enable us to assist you get your boat sold quickly and easily.  If you really put a high value on your personal time and your advertising dollar, this is a hard-to-beat value.


Our consignment offer is a no-brainer deal for sellers.  If we don't sell your boat then you pay us nothing.  No games or storage fees here.  You set the price you want for the boat and we work above that for our commission - It's that simple.  Our standard listing package includes:  running and cleaning your boat, a complete safety check, battery charge, fluids checked and added if necessary, pictures taken and narrative developed to full describe your boat  just to make sure everything is right before showing to actual buyers.  Your consignment is for a minimum of 90 days on our lot and is posted on powerful websites with multiple pictures with a full description.  Once a buyer is found and prices are agreed by all parties, we'll take care of everything.

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